FAME Mushroom Grow Kit

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– fully automated mushroom ecosystem – fruiting chamber.
– automated humidity control.
– automated heat control.
– automatic fanning system.
– digitally timed lighting and fanning systems.
– Instructions with recommended timer and controller settings.

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FAME Mushroom Grow Kit v1.7.8

Introducing the world’s first commercially viable Fully Automated Mushroom Ecosystem. Our flagship FAME Kit, or “Fully Automated Mushroom Ecosystem,” is a multi-functional ecosystem that can be used to fruit all sorts of medicinal, edible and gourmet mushrooms.

Paired with one of our mushroom incubators, or better known “Inoculation Station™,” and one of our mushroom dryers, better known as “MycoDRYER™ Vortex Series,” you are in for a true set and forget mushroom growing experience. Well, don’t forget, because your mushrooms will grow so fast you will be harvesting constantly!

With the FAME Mushroom Grow Kit there are no more worries about fanning 1-2 times a day during fruiting stage. Our automated fanning system takes care of that for you 8 times a day. Lighting, humidity, and heating are all digitally controlled with this fully automated system.


It takes anywhere from 10-30 minutes depending on how mechanically inclined you are, but anyone can set up this kit! Simply follow the included, full color, instruction manual to set your kit, timers, and environmental controller to Gorilla Mushrooms™ recommended settings or even your own custom settings for your specific mushroom strain if you know them.  Connect the humidifier, fill up the reservoir, then slide the heat mat in place under the unit and you’re ready to fruit all sorts of mushrooms!

What does fully automated mean?

Fully automated means after setup is complete the kit will automatically add humidity when needed based on the settings you program in the environmental controller, the temperature will raise when needed based on the settings you program in the same controller, the fan will automatically fan out the kit based on the settings you program in the fan timer, and light will turn on based on settings you program in the light timer. This doesn’t mean the kit can lower temperature at all, it cannot remove humidity until the fanning cycle runs, it cannot remove moisture or condensation from your chamber walls or bottom of unit.

  • We have included recommended settings in the user manual.

Grow Chamber Capacity:

The chamber holds (up to) 18x – 8oz BRF Tek (PF TEK) cakes as depicted in the product images. (GROW SUBTRATE / MEDIUM NOT INCLUDED.)

Product highlights:

– fully automated mushroom ecosystem – fruiting chamber.
– automated humidity control.
– automated heat control.
– automatic fanning system.
– digitally timed lighting and fanning systems.
– Instructions with recommended timer and controller settings.

Unless otherwise stated, mushroom kits do not include substrate.

Legal Disclaimer
Gorilla Mushrooms™ and its affiliates do not promote, nor do we endorse, the growth of psilocybe cubensis, commonly known as “Magic Mushrooms.” Check your local, state and federal laws before performing any activities that have governmental restrictions near you. Gorilla Mushroom Kits™ are only for medicinal and gourmet mushroom fruiting. Mushroom Innovations LLC is not liable for anyone using them in a manner other than their intended purpose.


Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 24.9 × 16.9 × 14.9 in
UPC: 860008910608

13 reviews for FAME Mushroom Grow Kit

  1. MGoMushroom (verified owner)

    As a first time mushroom cultivator, I wanted to remove as many risks as possible that were associated with contamination and optimum growing environment.

    FAME 1.5 advertises a product that will take your inoculated jars through the fruiting stage with little maintenance other than refilling the humidifier.

    As of August 19, I am 24 hours into my first spawning stage within the FAME 1.5. Here is what I can tell you about the kit so far:

    1. Customer service = Amazing. Jeremy understands his product well and can educate you about the process. Call him.
    2. Billing = Easy. PayPal.
    3. Freight Packaging = well constructed. Nothing arrived damaged.
    4. Instructions = Thorough, clear, easy to understand. Good tips about humidifier water ph and updating temp controller for spawning vs fruiting.
    5. All the components are of the highest quality. The design is well thought out and clean. It looks good.
    6. Assembly – plug and play. Attach humidifier hose/add water, calibrate timers, plug in the various power cords and it begins to immediately calibrate to predesignated temp/humidity.

    Literally the only thing that can ruin my jars, is through my own inexperience with sterilization and inoculation.

    Finally, this kit is expensive. I get it. However, for a high-quality product, I am willing to pay for the plug/play capability and little maintenance after setup (no fanning or concern about humidity and temp).

    I’ll report back when I get through the inoculation period.

  2. MGoMushroom (verified owner)

    I’m finally back with part 2 of my review. As a newbie, I struggled with sterile inoculation. On my 3rd try, I finally inoculated successfully with rye grains and a bulk grow.

    Then the FAME went to work. It provided a perfect temp/environment for colonization and when complete, I lowered the temp and connected the humidifier.

    My first flush had fat mushrooms and needed zero maintenance.

    The FAME works. If you’re new and don’t want to build your fruiting chamber and want little maintenance then don’t hesitate get yourself a FAME.

    Finally, reach out to the owner as you’re working through the process. He will coach you through it all!

  3. muggy (verified owner)

    The build quality and performance of this unit are excellent! It’s solid, made with good components and well thought out. There are no other units this well crafted that will perform this well on the market. Look around, I know I did. Anyone can drill a hole in a Rubbermaid, but Jeremy and the team have really put time into creating a near turn-key unit.

    I had to make slight adjustments to the default parameters that the unit shipped with, but once I did, it performed exactly as I expected. To be clear, I added and increased the fresh air cycles, and I kept the RH at 92%, as the ambient RH of the tub usually settles in around 94%. I found this to be perfect. For air cycles, I went with 5 minutes on every 2.5 hours for a total of 50 minutes/day.

    I suggest using an inner-tub or lining the base with liner for easier care and cleaning between fruitings. I used a 12q tub inside the unit and it’s perfect.

    Don’t just buy this device thinking it will do everything for you. Take 30 minutes to get the to know the unit and decide what you need out of it and if the factory defaults will do the job FOR YOU. Every species is different and Jeremy did a great job covering the middle of the bell curve, but care must be taken for your particular situation.

    Great customer service as well. Thanks team!

  4. Robert Blankenship (verified owner)

    Haven’t used it yet. Will review when I do.

  5. Raistlin Hale (verified owner)

    Very well-built & good quality product for a DIY style chamber!

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

  7. Mike F. (verified owner)

    I took a chance and bought the FAME mushroom grow kit. It arrived promptly but I had some issues with a part, much to my dismay. However, I reached out to the company and they fixed the issue right away and even sent a ton of stickers out to me as a bonus.

    The owner will help you with any problems you run into. I’m a grower and I use similar controllers in my grow space, you’re getting quality components in the kit and great customer service.

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

  9. Joanna (verified owner)

    Although this is a bit pricey you are paying for quality items everything is put together precisely and is overall aesthetically pleasing. They take out all the guess work from trying to make your own.

  10. Patrick (verified owner)

    Well put together easy to put up already set up actually set it and forget it

  11. Joshua (verified owner)

    Haven’t used it yet. Seems like a dope product. Can’t wait to try.

  12. Jacob Schinzler (verified owner)

    The best investment I’ve ever made! This will be the gift that keeps giving for life! This is the future! This device is unbelievable and will reign in a bright future in cultivation the likes of which we have yet to see

  13. Kristi (verified owner)

    It works! After months of failing with a Martha Tent, I sucked it up and bought this and am glad I did. Went ahead and sent our son one. It pretty much makes mushroom growing idiot proof. I do use the Gorilla brooder and am very pleased with it, too.

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