MycoBROODER™ XL Mushroom Incubator

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Extra Grid Racks allow for added airflow between layers and stability when stacking second and third layer of jars or bags. Available due to many customer requests.

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MycoBROODER™ XL Mushroom Incubator v4.0

The MycoBROODER™ XL Mushroom Incubator is a heaping 74 Quart incubation chamber with an airtight gasket lid and automatic heat control. This mushroom incubator is fitted with an internal 40 watt heat mat and Digital Temperature Controller. Our MycoBROODER XL™ mushroom incubation chamber can easily get to temperatures of 78°F – 82°F, perfect to colonize your PF Tek, Grain Spawn jars or bags.

This chamber features a custom cut grid rack to sit in the bottom of your chamber to keep your jars, or bags off the heat mat so that the warm air can circulate around all the jars or bags. Extra Grid Racks available as an ADD-ON above. The 74qt chamber has roughly 300% more volume than our original MycoBROODER. Colonizing bulk substrates? No problem; simply set your pans of covered substrate into the chamber. You can utilize the ADD-ON Extra Grid Racks to colonize 2-4 pans at once! This incubation chamber measures 19″x14.75″ front to back internally, and 12.5″ high; that’s 2 Cu Ft of incubation space!


These ADD-ON Grid Racks can be used to separate and stabilize stacked substrate jars or bags. Added Grid Racks allow even better airflow between layers when placing more than 1 layer of bags, pans or jars in the unit. The Grid Racks create a 3/8″ gap between the layers which allows the air to flow between them.

These ADD-ON Grid Racks are now offered at the request of many customers, not only for airflow but to add stability to their second or third layers. If using quart jars, you may only want 1 extra grid rack as you can only stack 2 high. When incubating smaller pint or half pint jars you can make 3-4 layers high and may need 2-3 Extra Grid Racks! The same goes for substrate bags; a 3-5LB substrate bag is larger and may only need 1-2 Extra racks for airflow and stabilization. Yet if you’re doing many 1LB bags you may want 3-4 Extra Grid Racks.

You may eventually break or misplace the original so extras are always recommended. While they can handle high temperatures and can support the weight of the substrate with their Polystyrene construction, these Grid Racks are not very flexible and can crack or even break when bent.


*Extra Grid Racks available as ADD-ON items at top of page, above “Add to Cart” button. 1x Extra will give you 2 total in your order, the one that comes with unit and 1 extra.  2x Extra will give you 3 total in your order, the one that comes with unit and 2 extra.

Usually Ships in 2-3 Business Days!

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Dimensions 24.99 × 18.99 × 18.99 in
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1 review for MycoBROODER™ XL Mushroom Incubator

  1. Michael H. (verified owner)

    Best Mushroom Incubator Out There!
    My XL MYCOBROODER came in the mail today. It is a definite win for the money. Definitely worth investing a little extra money for this XL model. I can easily fit all of my bags and dishes without squishing them when I close the lid.
    The heat mat upgrade is a cheap plus.
    Everything is staying at that perfect temperature!

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