Inoculation Station™ – Glovebox

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  • 32 Quart sealed container
  • allows user to not contaminate mushroom mediums when using spores
  • sterile environment
  • 14″ heavy duty gloves

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Additional pair of yellow 12″ Textured Latex Gloves (SKU: 6000XL) which are more pliable allowing for an easier inoculation experience. Some customers say the black PVC coated gloves are too thick and hard to maneuver to inoculate. This option is in addition to the Black PVC gloves (SKU: 6914) that already come with the Inoculation Station! Gloves can be changed out with flathead or 5/16″ socket/nut driver.

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Inoculation Station™ – Glovebox 

Gorilla Mushroom™ first inoculation chamber the “Inoculation Station™”. The Inoculation Station™ is a 32 quart chamber which features a gasket seal to safeguard your substrate inoculation from air, moisture and contaminants. Durable, tight-fitting latches help keep the lid securely to the base. It’s see-through design allows contents to be easily identified. The Inoculation Station™ is compact for easy storage and is designed with the safety of your hands, substrate and final product in mind.

Utilizing a flange kit we created this glove box which allows for a perfect seal between our gloves and the box itself leaving no gaps for contaminates to pass through. These flanges feature a high-quality ABS or Metal* construction with a gloss finish that accents the box design nicely.

Our high quality industrial strength gloves are constructed with a soft cotton liner and coated in PVC. These 14 inch gloves help to create a barrier for your wrist and forearm while inserted into the box. The textured finish enhances grip allowing for better handling of spore syringes and substrate jars. Some people say these gloves are too stiff, the reason being is we wanted a glove where if you slip, you don’t stab yourself with the needle. We are sourcing a thinner more flexible glove for this unit and will be available in the coming months.


*PRODUCT ADD-ON’S are purchased in addition of the original listed item. You will still receive everything in the original listing in the way it is described or presented! 


*Due to COVID-19 supply issues, some components may be different than pictured. They will be of the same size and operate in the exact same fashion as described and pictured. Flanges may be metal, or high quality ABS or Polypropylene Plastic. The chamber will be as pictured always! 

Practicing sterilization techniques is the best way to make sure you succeed in your mushroom inoculation. Be sure to have other sterilization supplies ready and to sterilize your Inoculation Station™ before inoculation using a disinfectant spray or cleaner. After putting your spore syringe and jars/bags in chamber, spray with disinfectant and wait 10 minutes before inoculating for best results. Most don’t do this and still succeed.

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Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 19.9 × 15.9 × 13.9 in
UPC: 860008910639

14 reviews for Inoculation Station™ – Glovebox

  1. Robert Prugh (verified owner)

    This kit is great for getting the job done. The design and arm holes on the inoculation chamber are perfectly sized. I have had no trouble with mine and it stays sterile. The shipping was way faster then I expected. 10/10 product.

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

  3. Charles N. (verified owner)

    Very nice build, wish the gloves allowed for a bit more dexterity but all in all it gets the job done

    • Psilly Psychonaut

      We’ll look into the decterity issues! Thanks for mentioning it. We can’t adjust if clients like you don’t tell us what they think. Much appreciated!

    • Psilly Psychonaut

      Thank you for the feedback on the dexterity issues. We need more clients like you who will give us feedback on what upgrades we can do to make our products better. Much appreciated and stay psilly!

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

  5. TIM (verified owner)

    thank you for helping me take my mushroom growing to the next level…Tim

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

  7. Joanna (verified owner)

  8. Stephen A Meyer (verified owner)

  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I wish the gloves were tighter and more dexterous especially for tht price

  10. Killian E. (verified owner)

    Gloves way too thick. Makes it impossible to do fine syringe work. Were not handling acids here. No sticker like pictured in product photos. And my lid seal was torn.

  11. Jeeshaun wang (verified owner)

  12. Justen Jacobs (verified owner)

  13. Albert Engberg (verified owner)

    Good quality

  14. Michael H. (verified owner)

    I recently purchased a still air box and set of fans from Gorilla. The pricing is phenomenal. Probably cheaper than I could make my own.
    After making purchase, Gorilla Mushroom refunded me $10 the next day for an applied ongoing promo. Very courteous business sense.

    Five Stars. Would recommend to anyone.

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