MycroGROW™ Kit 20L

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  • the best small mushroom growing kit.
  • Small Compact Desktop Mushroom Kit.
  • Great for beginners.
  • Everything you need to fruit your mushrooms.**
  • Step by step Setup Guide.
  • Grow up to 8oz* of dry mushrooms a month.

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MycroGROW™ Kit 20L

Gorilla Mushrooms™ is proud to bring you our newest series of mushroom grow kits to the market, the MycroGROW™ Kit 20L Series. These kits are the work of months of R&D to bring to the culture, a micro, economy version of our, now world-famous, FAME Kit. Just as our original FAME Kit™ these kits take some or most of your basic daily maintenance out of fruiting mushrooms. Making fruiting your mushrooms quick, simple, and easy!

How it works:

This MycroGROW™ Kit 20 L is packed with all sorts of goodies. From a 3.5-watt LED light to our continuous flow air system; supplying a constant stream of oxygen to your delicious mushrooms. This micro, economy kit, is perfect for the everyday person, who just wants to microdose medicinal mushrooms or make a meal with fresh, edible, mushrooms! Growing your favorite edible or medicinal mushrooms has never been easier! The 7-watt adjustable heat mat is perfect to heat your kit up to 22-26°C or 72-75°F when placing the unit in a room at an average temp of somewhere around 65-70°F. Simply check the temperature strip on the outside of the growing chamber for a quick temperature check.

DIY Upgrades:

This kit is very versatile allowing for DIY upgrades and with its compact 20 L size it only takes up about 2 sq. ft! It may seem tiny, but it surely will surprise you time after time with how much it can yield. This unit can hold up to 6 ,  8-ounce PF Cakes (BRF TEK), or up to 5 Lbs of grain spawn and bulk substrate / casings. We recommend only growing 2-4 cakes at a time because cakes grown in these kits get amazing mushroom growth and can take up a massive amount of space.

A full set of instructions with an easy step by step setup guide and simple to follow fruiting recommendations is included.


  • 1x – 20 Liter Fruiting Chamber
  • 1x –  3.5w LED
  • 1x – 24hr lighting timer with 15 min. intervals
  • 1x – 7w MycroMAT™ – Heat Mat
  • 1x – 20-GPH Air Pump with 0.2 Micron Filter – (OxyFlow System)
  • 1x – 1 Gallon Perlite (Add 20oz water to moisten)
  • 1x – 8oz MycoMISTER™ spray bottle
  • 1x – Thermometer Strip
  • 1x – 3 Outlet Power Strip


*Yields can vary based on species or strain of mushrooms grown. 6-8 oz of dry mushrooms is assuming you are using 6 PF Tek cakes and yielding at least 1/2 oz per cake.

**Contains everything to fruit your mushrooms. Substrate bags or jars need to be purchased separately. Incubation, inoculation and drying your mushrooms are separate from this unit!

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