MycroGROW™ Kit AUTO 20L

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  • automatic mushroom growing kit, virtually no maintenance!
  • Small Compact Desktop Mushroom Kit.
  • Great for beginners.
  • Everything you need to fruit your mushrooms.**
  • Step by Step Setup Guide.
  • Grow up to 8oz* of dry mushrooms a month.

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MycroGROW™ Kit AUTO 20L

Gorilla Mushrooms™ is proud to bring you our economy kits, the MycroGROW™ Kit 20L and the MycroGROW™ Kit AUTO 20L. These desktop sized kits are the work of months of R&D to bring you a micro economy version of our FAME Kit. While we couldn’t get the exact controls to match the FAME kit and keep our units under $200 we were able to get it close using timed humidity control. Just as our original FAME Kit™ these kits take most to all of your basic daily maintenance out of fruiting mushrooms.

Who it’s for and what it does:

The MycroGROW™ Kit AUTO is packed with goodies. From the custom built humidity system to our signature automated fanning system, this economy kit is just right for the everyday salad maker or micro doser! Growing your favorite edible or medicinal mushrooms has never been easier for such a great price. The 8 watt heat mat is perfect to heat your kit up to 22-26°C or 72-75°F when placing the unit in a room at an average temp of 65-70°F. There’s no adjusting needed, and simply check the temp strip on the outside of the unit for a quick temp check.


Use the gallon of perlite to help stabilize the humidity of your kit so the humidifier can do the rest and set your mechanical timer from 8-16 hrs on to fruit your fully inoculated cakes or bulk substrates! This kit is very versatile allowing for DIY upgrades and with its compact 20L size it only takes up about 2 sq. ft. It may seem tiny but it surely will pack a punch. This unit can hold up to 6x – 8 ounce BRF Cakes (PF TEK) or up to 6LBS of grain spawn and bulk substrates. We recommend only growing 2-4 cakes at a time because the cakes grown in these kits get pretty large and can take up a massive amount of space.


  • Ultra Compact Mushroom Growing Kit
  • 20L Fruiting Chamber.
  • Grow up to 8oz a Month.
  • Super Low Power.
  • Automatic lighting, fanning, and humidity.


*Yields can vary based on species or strain of mushrooms grown. 6-8 oz of dry mushrooms is assuming you are using 6 PF Tek cakes and yielding at least 1/2 oz per cake.

**Contains everything to fruit your mushrooms. Substrate bags or jars need to be purchased separately. Incubation, inoculation and drying your mushrooms are separate from this unit!

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