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If you need help, we have a list of frequently asked questions and answers. We strive to give you the best buying experience possible. Click a question below to view the answer.

Gorilla Mushrooms™ offers a points and rewards program where you can earn Psilly Bucks™. Psilly Bucks™ are earned on every order when you checkout with an account.

How do I join the Psilly Bucks™ program?
You are automatically enrolled into the points and rewards program when you register for an account on Gorillakits.com.

When can  I redeem my Psilly Bucks™?
Psilly Bucks™ can be redeemed on your very next order after earning them. Newly registered accounts earn 100 Psilly Bucks™ just for registering your account. These Psilly Bucks™ can be used on your very first order!

Most rewards program have a minimums to redeem, what are Gorillakits.coms?
That’s the beauty of our rewards program, you may redeem as little as 1 Psilly Buck™ and there is absolutely no minimum on your order total! If you want to redeem 1 Psilly Buck™ on a $0.01 item, you can!

The ONLY restriction we have is that Psilly Bucks™ cannot cover shipping and handling charges; nor can they cover taxes owed at checkout. They can only be applied to your cart subtotal for items being purchased.

How are Psilly Bucks™ Earned, and how much are they worth?
You earn 1 Psilly Buck™ for ever dollar spent. This does not include shipping charges or tax. ex. Item cost $100, on sale for $80.00, shipping is $27.95 and Tax is $5.85. You earn 80 Psilly Bucks™.

How do I redeem my Psilly Bucks™?
If you have earned Psilly Bucks™ available to spend, you can redeem them on the shopping cart page. You must be logged into your gorillakits.com account, and then once on the shopping cart page you will see a RED banner at the top of the page showing your total amount of Psilly Bucks™ unless you have more than the cart value, it will display the amount you can use on the order. See example below. ex. This account has 1000 Psilly Bucks™ to use, but you’ll see it only displays 349 Psilly Bucks™ as that’s the total of the order. Remember you cannot redeem Psilly Bucks™ for shipping and handling or tax charges.

Click “Apply Discount” on the right side of the red banner. Next you will see a dialog box pop-up at the top of your screen. Sample Image Below.

Type the number of Psilly Bucks™ you would like to redeem, then press the “OK” button. Your Psilly Bucks™ should now be applied to your order.

NOTE: You cannot use Psilly Bucks™ and a coupon in the same order!
To verify your Psilly Bucks™ were applied scroll down to the “Cart Totals” section You will see “Points Redemption” below the Subtotal line. If it shows Points redemption, your Psilly Bucks™ have been successfully applied to your cart! See Image below for reference.

If you would like to use a coupon code instead or save your Psilly Bucks™ for a later date, or just remove the Psilly Bucks™ simply click the [Remove] button next to the Psilly Bucks™ USD value total as displayed in the image.

If you need to change something in your order, please contact us immediately by clicking reply to your order confirmation email. This is your billing email found under [My Account » Account Details » (Email Address)].

We usually process orders within 24 hours, and once we have processed your order, we will be unable to make any changes. 

Yes, you can!

After placing your order you will receive an order confirmation via email.

Depending on the amount of orders we currently have, each order will start production in 1-3 Business after your order is marked as processing*.

Once your order is processed, packed and ready to ship we will print a label for your package. As soon as we print the label USPS or UPS will send you a confirmation email with tracking, as well as upload the tracking to your account on gorillakits.com. You may click the “Track Order” link in the top right hand corner of the website at anytime and place your order # and account email in to track your order. 



Please visit our Returns & Exchanges page for more information by clicking the red link or under the Client Resources tab under Returns.

Delivery times will depend on handling time, which is 1-3 business days, unless otherwise noted in the product description. Then it also depends on your location. Once payment is confirmed your order will be processed, packaged and labeled. Pickup of your package will happen the day of or next business day from when you receive your tracking number. 99% of our orders are received within 5 days of purchase. The remainder are received within 7 days of purchase. 

If it has been over 7 days since you have made your order and have not received tracking or tracking has stalled, please contact us immediately at [email protected]

You may checkout as a guest, so no, an account is not needed to order from gorillakits.com.

Account Benefits:

  • Easier Checkouts
  • Saved Payment Methods
  • View & Edit Waitlist items
  • Customized Shopping Experience
  • Earn Psilly Bucks™

By having an account it provides easier checkout, the ability to save your payment methods, view and edit your waitlist products, and a customized shopping experience.

It also allows you to earn Psilly Bucks™ with our points and rewards program. When logged in to your account you will earn 1 Psilly Buck™ for every $1, 1-US Dollar,  spent on your orders. This does not include any shipping costs nor any tax collected for Ohio residents. 

Order Processing: 

  1. Your order has been received by our system and is in que for our staff.
  2. Our team is  picking your order items or components from our inventory racks.
  3. If you ordered one of our custom made products, we have pulled the supplies to build or make your order, and it is in que to be prepared for your order, in the order we received it in. 

Order Complete:

  1. Your order has been picked from inventory and/or has been built or made.
  2. Your entire order has been packaged by our amazing shipping staff with care and has been labeled. 
  3. An email has been issued to your billing email address with your tracking number. 
  4. And your order is currently in route or awaiting pickup!