Petri Dishes with Lids 10PK+ 3ml pipettes

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Petri Dishes with Lids (90mm Dia. x 15mm Deep) are made from solid, industrial grade safe plastic, and they are perfect for mushroom colonizing!

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Petri Dishes with Lids + 3ml pipettes

Petri Dishes with Lids (90mm Dia. x 15mm Deep) are made from solid, industrial grade safe plastic, which makes them perfect for mushroom colonizing! These petri dishes have a smooth surface and optimal transparent body, for superior clarity in microscopic examination! Also, a 3ml disposable transfer pipette is included, for even more value!

Made of clear, soft plastic and are great to transfer, mix and measure liquids.

Sold in Packs of 10

Listing Includes:

  • 10 Pack Petri Dishes with Lids (90mm Dia. x 15mm Deep)
  • 10 Pack Plastic Transfer Pipettes(3ml)




A Petri dish (alternatively known as a Petri plate or cell-culture dish) is a shallow transparent lidded dish that biologists use to hold growth medium in which cells can be cultured,[1][2] originally, cells of bacteriafungi and small mosses.[3] The container is named after its inventor, German bacteriologist Julius Richard Petri.[4][5][6] It is the most common type of culture plate. The Petri dish is one of the most common items in biology laboratories and has entered popular culture. The term is sometimes written in lower case, especially in non-technical literature.[7][8]

What was later called Petri dish was originally developed by German physician Robert Koch in his private laboratory in 1881, as a precursor method. Petri, as assistant to Koch, at Berlin University made the final modifications in 1887 as used today.

Penicillin, the first antibiotic, was discovered in 1929 when Alexander Fleming noticed that penicillium mold contaminating a bacterial culture in a Petri dish had killed the bacteria around it.

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