Microbiology Inoculation Loop & Nichrome Needles


  • 1x – Inoculation Rod (220MM)
  • 10x – Nichrome Needles (70MM)

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Microbiology Inoculation Loop & Nichrome Needles

Microbiology Inoculation Loop & Nichrome Needles is made of pure copper, with a plastic handle and has good insulation properties. Use  the clamp head of this inoculation rod, to clip in the nichrome needle, to inoculate agar slants for all sorts of mushroom cultures. Straight nichrome needles can be fashioned into a loop or left straight.


  • 1x – Inoculation Rod (220MM)
  • 10x – Nichrome Needles (70MM)



An inoculation loop (also called a smear loopinoculation wand or microstreaker) is a simple tool used mainly by microbiologists to pick up and transfer a small sample of microorganisms called inoculum from a microbial culture, e.g. for streaking on a culture plate.[1][2] This process is called inoculation.

The tool consists of a thin handle with a loop about 5 mm wide or smaller at the end. It was originally made of twisted metal wire (such as platinumtungsten or nichrome), but disposable molded plastic versions are now common.

An inoculation needle is a laboratory equipment used in the field of microbiology to transfer and inoculate living microorganisms.[1][full citation needed] It is one of the most commonly implicated biological laboratory tools and can be disposable or re-usable.[1] A standard reusable inoculation needle is made from nichrome or platinum wire affixed to a metallic handle.[2][3] A disposable inoculation needle is often made from plastic resin. The base of the needle is dulled, resulting in a blunted end.[2][3]

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