MycoRAW™ Organic Millet 8oz


  • Organic Millet
  • 8oz packet (1/2lb)
  • GMO Free


*See bag info in description. Only 1x add-on per order. Doesn’t multiply per product qty.
Recommended 2x – 8oz Millet per 1x – 4T Bag.

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MycoRAW™ Organic Millet 8oz

MycoRAW™ Organic Millet 8oz, is an ideal grain for spawning. Millet has a much lower endospore load than rye and wheat, making it have a lower risk for contamination. Millets small size means that your spawn will have many more inoculation points and surface area for the same volume of grain.

Contents: Organic Millet 8oz (1/2lb)


EX. 8oz of dry millet after being processed will equal 12oz approximately.

Recommended 2x – Millet 8oz bags for 1x – 4T Mushroom Bag.


  • 8oz of Millet
  • Non-GMO
  • 100% Organic
  • Popular grain for grain spawn jars and bags

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*Add-On 4T Bag Info:

These grain spawn bags are the exact bags we use for our 1# rye, and popcorn grain spawn bags. After processing your 8oz of rye it will equal roughly 1LB. We recommend if you need bags to purchase 1-4T bag for each 8oz of rye grain. You can try to get 2 packs into 1 bag. There is a lot of room left over. 

Add-On quantity is selected from drop down, it is added independently of the product qty. Please select exact amount of bags you want from the dropdown, then the exact amount of 8oz-rye on qty beside the add to cart button.

ex. #1: 2x – 8oz Millet and 2x – 4T Bags > Add to Cart = 2x – 8oz and 2x-4t Bags.

– NOT > Add to Cart = 2x – 8oz and 4x-4t Bags.

ex. #2: 2x – 8oz Millet and 1x – 4T Bags > Add to Cart  = 2x – 8oz and 1x-4t Bags.

– NOT > Add to Cart = 2x – 8oz and 2x-4t Bags.

4T – Grain Spawn Bag Specs:

5″X4″X1 8″
3.0mil PP
Filter: A 1.5″X1.5″
0.5 micron




Generally, millets are small-grained, annual, warm-weather cereals belonging to the grass family. They are highly tolerant of drought and other extreme weather conditions and have a similar nutrient content to other major cereals.[6]


Additional information

Weight 0.7 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 3 × .75 in


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