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UPS and USPS Shipping rates pull directly through UPS.com and USPS.com plugin API.

Rates are pulled in real time using the plugins we have installed on our website. These plugins use a feature called an API Key. This API Key connects our plugins directly to the shippers websites to pull live rates. 

The rates we display, are directly from UPS.com and USPS.com. We have no role in selecting your shipping rate.

UPS and USPS rates start by packaging your items into one of our pre-selected boxes. We have nearly 20 different sizes. It uses the LXWXH of each item and calculates which box we should pack them into. It then takes the box LXWXH and the total weight of the box and items in total, and then uses the zip code we ship from and calculates the cost to ship to your delivery zip code. 

Short answer, NO!

Selecting the highest priced shipping will not make your package ship from us any faster. That is just the difference in price between UPS and USPS. 

Most of our custom products are actually built to order due to supply chain issues, and most components being used on multiple products. 

Please select the cheaper option as that is how we will ship it regardless of your selection. 

Gorilla Mushrooms™ has a commercial account with UPS. This is why most orders will show cheaper rates than USPS will.

Some times we get better rates than what is displayed to you at checkout. This is based on our daily shipping volume. What you pay is our base discounted rate. 

If you receive a discount/refund on your shipping, this is either because the plugin didn’t understand we were able to put one product inside another to ship it, or because we received a discount.

When we receive a discount due to our shipping volume during a day, we always pass that savings to our clients.

We make our money on our outstanding products, we don’t need to overcharge you on shipping like most e-commerce stores do. 

Most orders generally go out within 3 business days. This is the handling time. Order cutoff for our  business day is 3PM Eastern Standard Time.  This means if you ordered your item at 3:10PM on  Monday, your first business day would be considered Tuesday, putting your 3 business day average at Thursday, and your order should ship on Thursdays.  Depending on our order volume these handling times could be longer but are generally 3 days or less. 

Ship times are as follows:

UPS Ground: 1-4 Business Days.

USPS First-Class Mail: 3-5 Business Days. 

USPS Priority Mail: 1-3 Business Days. 

These days depend how far you are from our warehouse located in Bloomville, OH. 

From the time you order, to the time it lands at your door is S+H or shipping plus handling time. 

ex. #1: You order Monday at 2PM. You select UPS Ground and you live in California. Your order should be to you by the following Monday at the latest. 

ex. #2: You order Monday at 2PM. You select UPS Ground and you live in Ohio. Your order should be to you by Thursday at the latest. 

If you have received a tracking number, your order has been packaged, labeled and has either shipped or is awaiting the next pickup.

If your tracking was received prior to 10AM chances are it’s going out that day!

Your tracking number automatically uploads to your gorillakits.com account and should be emailed to you once we print your label.

We only print your label once your order entire  is safely packages and ready for pickup. 

If you have multiple packages, click your tracking and it will take you the the UPS website, there you will see all tracking numbers associated with your order,

USPS Picks up Monday – Saturday by 2PM at the latest. 

UPS Picks up Monday – Friday by 6PM at the latest.