Universal Automated Fanning Kit + Pre-Filter


  • Timed Automatic Fanning.
  • Fan up to 16x a Day.
  • Pre-Filter + Grommet for Air Intake.
  • Installation Instructions & Recommendations.
  • Timer Instructions and access to our timer videos.

*Timer: 368-1819 Video Coming Soon!

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Universal Automated Fanning Kit + Pre-Filter

Universal Automated Fanning Kit + Pre-Filter. After extensive research and development we have paired the right products together to create a powerful automated ventilation system that allows you to remove excess unwanted CO2 and replace it with the much-needed Oxygen that comes with a fresh air fanning. We ran through many brands and styles of fans and timers for our ventilation system taking many things into account, such as: Price, CFM, RPM, Voltage, Power Consumption, Life Expectancy, Noise Level, Durability and of course ease of use! We needed the ability to clear out our grow chamber in a quick and efficient manner, but not only that, the fan had to be able to handle the harsh climate mushrooms enjoy and be able to function time and time again without failure!

Add to your DIY or Pre-bought mushroom kit:

With our Gorilla Mushrooms™ Universal Automated Fanning Kit + Pre-Filter you can now add automated fanning to any kit on the market or build your own! Fanning your mushroom kit once or twice a day is now a thing of the past. After installing the Gorilla Mushrooms™ Universal Automated Fanning Kit + Pre-Filter you will never have to be back home on time, or even worry about fanning whatsoever! Our ventilation system allows you to set up to 16x ON/OFF setting(s) a day as well as time it down to the exact minute. This unit moves up to 26 Cu Ft a minute! Along with this kit you will receive a basic set of full color instructions with our recommended timer settings and filter placement to run your kit just like the FAME Kit! The Pre-Filter allows for an air intake on fruiting chambers that are airtight. Putting a fanning kit on an airtight chamber will not work without having a port for air to come into the chamber. Otherwise, it would create a vacuum and ruin the fan, not to mention it would not exchange any oxygen leaving your precious mushrooms to suffocate under their own CO2.


Pair this kit with our MycoMIST™ Humidifier Upgrade Kit and grow Gorilla Mushrooms™ like the best!

Recommended Upgrades:

For grow chambers larger than 30″ long, we recommend our Universal Intake & Exhaust Fanning Kit to give your environment that extra boost to get your CO2 levels down and O2 Levels up!

For non-airtight/watertight grow chambers, check out our Universal Automated Fanning Kit.



  • Timed Automatic Fanning
  • Fan up to 16x a Day
  • Pre-Filter + Grommet for Air Inlet
  • Installation Instructions & Recommendations
  • Timer Instructions and access to our timer video



It is highly recommended that you have internal or external humidity source to ensure that your mushroom grow kit maintains high levels of humidity, 85% and above. In conjunction with our Gorilla Mushrooms™ MycoMIST™ Humidifier Upgrade Kit, the Gorilla Mushrooms™ Automated Fanning Kit creates the ideal levels of oxygen and humidity needed for optimal mushroom growth! When adding our Gorilla Mushrooms Universal Humidity Kit and the Automated Fanning Kit it allows the system to fan out releasing excess CO2 and provides the mushrooms with enough oxygen to grow large yields and can immediately reset your humidity levels without having to spray your mushrooms with any unwanted water at all which promotes larger yields!

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