FAME Kit Replacement Filter


  • Heavy Duty metal construction
  • Fits 3/4″ ID Grommets (Optional select below)
  • Internal Mesh Filter
  • Allows in Fresh Oxygen with less dust and debris


Earn up to 16 Psilly Bucks™ .


FAME Kit Replacement Filter

The FAME Kit Replacement Filter , used in our flagship Fully Automated Mushroom Ecosystem,  allows fresh air to penetrate the sealed growing chamber from outside of kit. This allows optimal flow when used with our Universal Automatic Fanning Kit to allow stagnant air and CO2 to be replaced with fresh air and oxygen.  This filter is constructed of a high grade metal  and finished in chrome and filled with standard black foam filter inside. The filter blocks dust and debris from entering your kit along with some contaminants, but is not going to stop all contaminants.  This FAME Kit Replacement filter fits in a 3/4″ ID grommet for a tight fit for no air leakage.


  • Heavy Duty metal construction
  • Fits 3/4″ ID Grommets
  • Internal Mesh Filter
  • Blocks most dust and debris
  • Allows clean airflow into fruiting chamber

(Grommet not included with purchase of filter, unless selected as option above.)


When fruiting mushrooms, after fully colonizing your jars or bags, the mycelium has built its immune system to where it can fend off most contamination on its own. This filter can help with the rest and keeps the incoming air cleaner than it would be when taking the lid off to fan. This is NOT a HEPA type filter, it is a dust filter!


Additional information

Weight .6 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 4 in

Filter, Filter + 3/4" Grommet


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